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     My name is Roger Byrd...

Below is information about a remarkable new technology for pain relief, health and wellness. On other pages here (links are in the upper left corner) is information about T'ai Chi and how I teach it, my background in Clinical Massage Therapy, my eventually successful experience with the extremely difficult pain condition RSDS/CRPS, and some thoughts on the depth and magic of mindful awareness.

This quite revolutionary 
health technology, and the company that invented it, is one I've been working with since 2005. If you're willing to thoughtfully investigate it, I think you'll come to find it as impressive as I have.   
What it does:
In numerous clinical trials (many of them rigorous, independent, double-blind placebo-controlled studies), this totally new concept has demonstrated major and measurable effectiveness in:
  • very rapidly and dramatically reducing even long-standing and quite substantial pain (typically within 5 minutes, no matter what the cause)
  • significantly improving the quality and length of sleep (in 2012 the European Union classified this technology's sleep application as a Class 1 Medical Device, meaning prescriptions can be written for it, and it can be dispensed in hospitals anywhere in the E.U.)
  • very impressively boosting glutathione levels (the body's master anti-oxidant and very powerful detoxifier, which strengthens the immune system and improves the skin, among many benefits)
  • clearly and measurably increasing energy and stamina by enhancing the burning of stored body fat
  • moderating appetite
  • significantly reducing inflammation and stress
And doing all this while putting absolutely no drugs - or any substance at all - into the body! There are no wires, no magnets, and no needles. Just circular little patches, which don't even need to be on the skin to be fully effective - they work quite nicely right through clothing! 

How do they work?
It's been well-known that as a result of every one of the countless chemical reactions happening in our bodies every second, not only is a new chemical compound created, but in that process a small electromagnetic frequency wave - like a tiny radio signal - is generated. As each kind of compound is created, its own unique frequency signature is generated. It's recently been shown that for eons, living organisms have not only been generating - but also utilizing - such frequency signals as a natural part of their own self-regulating systems (see Energy Medicine: the Scientific Basis, ©2000 by James Oschman, PhD, pages 62 and 70 among others).

As 'far out' as it might sound, these new little patches work by resonating with - and therefore gently amplifying - particular frequency signals already being continuously generated throughout our bodies; these signals also radiate out from the body a tiny distance.  By being carefully tuned to very specific signal signatures, these patches are therefore able to enhance the body's natural physiological processes that are already linked to those specific signals. And since these signals travel most readily along acupuncture meridians, when the patches are placed over particular acupuncture points, this can add significantly to their effectiveness, enhancing the natural flow of the body's energy - or chi as the acupuncturists call it - along the meridian pathways. It's the combination of these processes that results in the benefits listed above. 

By gently working with this built-in natural signaling system of ours, this technology has been shown to be an exceptionally safe, as well as a highly effective, health and wellness-promoting product line. I was a Clinical Massage Therapist for two decades, practicing for more than one of those decades in 2 respected medical establishments (see the "Clinical Massage" page in this website), and never saw anything come even close to the amazing effectiveness and safety of this relatively inexpensive and very simple-to-use technology.

To learn more:
For more detailed information about it - to see what Suzanne Sommers has to say (she included whole chapters investigating this technology's qualities and benefits in
each of her last 4 best-selling health books), to review the very substantial and high-quality clinical research about it, to see, among several videos, a very moving one showing this technology's power to literally wipe away decades of even quite serious pain and dysfunction (when numerous medical interventions gave only little benefit, and came with serious side-effects), and on, and on...  To learn more about this technology, please contact me - Roger Byrd - by clicking on this email link: rbyrd@bio-resonator.com, or by phone: (828) 545-8735. I'll answer any initial questions you might have, and tell you how to connect to the official company website. There you can learn more about any aspects of this technology that interest you. And, if you so choose, you can then purchase at that site any of the 7 different kinds of patches to try for yourself. There's of course no obligation to buy, nor does any personal information need to be submitted in order to explore that website.  

When I first heard about this technology, it definitely sounded 'too good to be true' - way too good. But I've always been impressed by consistent, reliable results (and my science background has made me an experienced skeptic). This technology has delivered big-time - for me, and for the more than 200 people I have personally observed experiencing its benefits - since 2005, when I started using it.

Although using these patches is extremely simple - instructions come with each set - there may be additional strategies that could help you get even more benefits from them (often based on acupuncture theory & practice, though without the needles). My 7+ years' experience in using them, along with an 8-week company training (and its accompanying 240-page manual) that I completed, have given me a wide range of additional strategies to work with. If you'd like, I'm available to offer extended consultations in getting the very most out of these patches - either in person, over the phone, or via Skype - for a nominal fee; I'll of course be happy to answer relatively brief questions for free.

Actually experiencing this technology was really the only way I could ever have become convinced that something so extremely safe could also be so dramatically effective. I hope you're willing to investigate this possibility at least
a little further...


Roger Byrd, BS in Ed
(828) 545-8735

A personal offer:

If you live in the
Asheville, North Carolina area, and have chronic pain from any cause, I'm fine to offer you - at no charge - an in-person opportunity to experience this technology's remarkable and safe pain-relieving ability, enabling you to personally find out for yourself whether it can actually help your specific situation. (My personal success rate for helping people in active pain to experience at least major improvement [or frequently complete pain elimination] with this technology has been between 85 and 90%). Probably within 15 minutes or so it should be quite clear whether these patches can help - or not. Anyone dealing with chronic pain has very good reason to be skeptical, but I still would encourage them to at least give this unique technology a chance... 

Back in the 1980s, I myself was stuck in a wheelchair for 3+ years with a serious chronic pain condition (RSDS/CRPS) from which I thought I would never escape (see the "RSDS/CRPS" page in this website). So I have quite up-close-and-personal experience of how very destructive and demoralizing such pain can be, and a personal passion to do whatever I can to help others who are being devastated by it.

I of course wish to make it quite clear that I am not a doctor. Nothing on this page - or anywhere in this website - is intended in any way to diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure any disease or condition. Any specific health problems should be referred to a qualified health care provider.


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